Kirsten & Jesse

Nestled amidst gently swaying fields of green, Chandelier Farms served as the perfect backdrop for Kirsten and Jesse's beautiful union. This enchanting white barn venue, renowned for its rustic elegance provided a serene setting for a day filled with love, faith, and celebration. From the moment guests arrived, they were enveloped in a sense of peace and joy that perfectly mirrored the couple’s love story.

The wedding palette, a delicate blend of pastel pink, coral, and light blue, added a soft and romantic touch to the day. These hues were seamlessly woven into every aspect of the event, from the bridesmaids' dresses to the floral arrangements that adorned the venue. The colors complemented the natural beauty of Chandelier Farms, enhancing its charm and creating an ethereal atmosphere.

At the center of their ceremony stood a simple yet striking cross, symbolizing the foundation of their relationship. After the vows were exchanged and the couple was pronounced husband and wife, this cross was carefully moved to the reception space. Placed behind the sweetheart table, it served as a beautiful reminder of the sacredness of their union throughout the festivities.

Kirsten and Jesse's ceremony and reception were a testament to their deep faith. Instead of the traditional first dance, the couple chose to share a worship song with their guests. This heartfelt moment of praise set the tone for the evening, filling the air with a sense of reverence and love. As the couple and their guests lifted their voices, it was clear that this was not just a celebration of their love for each other, but also of their shared commitment to their faith.

The reception that followed was a seamless continuation of the ceremony's peaceful and joyful spirit. The barn at Chandelier Farms was adorned with whimsical florals that echoed the day's pastel theme. Soft lighting and gentle music created a warm and inviting atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and celebrate alongside the newlyweds.

From the early preparations to the final farewell, everything unfolded effortlessly. This serene ambiance was enhanced by the perfect weather—a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze that kept the fields of grass in a constant, graceful dance.

Kirsten and Jesse's wedding at Chandelier Farms was more than just a celebration; it was a beautiful display of love, faith, and community. Their choice to incorporate a worship song instead of a first dance, and to prominently feature the cross, highlighted the depth of their commitment to each other and to their beliefs. This special day, set against the stunning backdrop of Chandelier Farms, will be remembered by all who attended as a day filled with beauty, peace, and divine love.


Photo: Carlee Mae Photography

Venue: Chandelier Farms

Planning & Coordination: Script and Harmony

Florals: Lilies and Co.

HAMU: Tease to Please

DJ: DJ Connection

Catering: Lupe Tortilla