Kayley & Josh

In the heart of the countryside, nestled amidst the serene beauty of nature, The French Farmhouse Venue played host to an extraordinary celebration of love. Kayley and Josh, a couple whose devotion to each other is as profound as their faith, chose a Monday to exchange their vows. The decision to begin their week with a celebration of love made their day all the more special. It was a testament to their belief that every day is a good day to celebrate love and commitment.

The French Farmhouse Venue, with its rustic elegance and timeless appeal, provided the ideal backdrop for Kayley and Josh's wedding. Surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque scenery, the venue exuded an air of tranquility and romance. The neutral color palette they chose complemented the natural beauty of the venue, enhancing the timeless ambiance of the day.

One of the most enchanting moments of the wedding was seeing Kayley in her stunning dress. Originally adorned with long sleeves, Kayley had the foresight and creativity to transform the gown to better reflect her style. She had the sleeves cut off and made into detached lace sleeves, a unique alteration that added a touch of modern elegance to her dress. The lace sleeves perfectly framed her silhouette, creating a look that was both classic and contemporary. Kayley chose to do a first look with each of her bridesmaids individually, and there was a collective sense of awe among them as they were seeing the final version of her dress for the first time.

Central to Kayley and Josh's wedding was their deep and abiding faith. Their love for God and the role He plays in their relationship was evident throughout the day. This spiritual foundation brought an added layer of joy and meaning to their celebration. From the heartfelt vows that they exchanged to the blessings shared by their loved ones, every moment was infused with a sense of divine love and gratitude.

The wedding was filled with laughter, dancing, and heartfelt moments. Friends and family gathered to celebrate Kayley and Josh's union, their presence adding warmth and love to the day. The couple's joy was infectious, spreading to everyone in attendance. Kayley and Josh's wedding at The French Farmhouse Venue was a beautiful testament to their love and faith. It was a day that perfectly balanced elegance with simplicity, tradition with personal style, and spirituality with joy.


Photo: Carlee Mae Photography

Venue: The French Farmhouse Venue

Florals: Teri's Floral

DJ: DJ Questionmark

Video: Alex Valdes Media

Cake: Irene's Bakery

Catering: The Patriotic Pig

Coffee Cart: Edison Coffee

Rentals: Simply Chic Rentals