Amanda & Andrew

Amanda and Andrew are some of my favorite people who we get to do life with! I met Amanda through my husband Carson after they both did ensemble in Spring Sing together. If you aren't familiar, Spring Sing is Harding University's spring show which is a whole lot like High School Musical meets Pitch Perfect. Each social club puts together a 7 minute show and competes. There are dancing & singing numbers in between each show which are preformed by the ensemble and hosts.

I am truly thankful that both Carson and Amanda were ensemble members because it started a friendship that will last a lifetime!!

My senior year at Harding I started meeting with Amanda and two other girls each Friday after class. We would meet at Mr. Postman, talk about our weeks, and share our ups and downs. That time of community with Christ-like women made each week a little brighter!

Now that we are all graduated, three of us are still able get together each week and get to continue to share our lives. What a blessing their friendship is!

To Amanda and Andrew:

Amanda you are kind, joyful, selfless, and one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. I am so excited for y'all to start your marriage! I have loved watching your relationship grow. You treat each other with respect and make each other stronger. You relationship is an example to everyone! Y'all are going to do amazing things. May God bless your lives together.

-Love always, Carlee