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The best money I have spent so far on my business has been on HoneyBook! It has helped me keep all of my clients and projects organized! No more sending paper questionnaires, only taking cash or check, not having contracts, etc. Honeybook keeps everything in one place! Click the link below to start your free trial or take $200 off today!

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Gallery, Website, and Prints


Pixieset is the online gallery system I use to deliver all of my client galleries! You can start by using the free version and upgrade as you need more storage! You can start making more by using the Store section, where clients can order prints through WHCC, one of the nations most prestigious labs, at a low cost!

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Other Resources

Lens Pro To Go

Lens Pro to Go is my favorite place to rent my gear from! I rented when I couldn't afford to buy or still do when I want to try something new! They ship right to your door and are very affordable!

B&H Photo

This is where I typically buy all my gear from! B&H has great deals and are extremely reliable! Everything besides my camera bag is from here.


Lightroom is the editing software I use for everything! Lightroom is the best for editing large quantities of photos at once!

Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic single-handedly cut my editing time in HALF. I can't believe it's actually the last thing on this list that I purchased... I didn't buy in at first, and now I can't live without it! I was starting to hate editing and the time it took but now I can get a wedding culled and edited in a day! INVEST in your business before it's too late!

*I do not get a promotion for recommending Photo Mechanic, I just reallllly think you need it!


Camera & Lenses

Canon R6 & Mount Adapter






Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT


16' MacBook Pro





Photo Mechanic